Paintball Field

We have been organizing and hosting paintball games, events, and even private parties for over 20 years. We are happy to say we have a brand new paintball field as of the spring of 2020, conveniently located only 4.5 miles from our shop!

Safety is our number 1 concern, fun is guaranteed next! 

We offer private parties by appointment only, please call
307-685-3752 (shop)
or 307-680-2780 (cell) to schedule your appointment. 

We host all sorts of private parties for any type of group: birthdays, church and youth groups, bachelor, family reunions, cooperate outings, no group is to big to come out an play paintball for the day!

We also have open play on select weekends during the warmer months. Our open days are open to any and everyone! If you need rental equipment, or have your own gear, brand new, or have played for years. The open play days are great for any groups of friends to come, and hop in and meet new friends,  and get involved in fun games of paintball! Please call us (307-685-3752) or checkout our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates on open play days. FIELD PAINT ONLY please on open play, paintballs and air will be available on site during open play days.  

Private party Frequently Asked Questions:


Pricing is dependent on how many people you have playing:

***(You must have a minimum of 8 players for a private party)***

8 people $35 per person
10-15 people $30 per person
15+ people $25 per person

The above price is for the use of the field, all the gear: guns, unlimited air, masks. And a Primetime paintball expert to help you out, and show you how to use the gear properly and play safely. (The only additional cost on top of rental pricing is for paintballs, see below)


All paintball parties are required to purchase paintballs from us at the time of the party. We don’t charge per hour, your rental price covers you as long as you would like to stay and play! The paintballs however are $50 for a box of 2000 rounds. Which may sound like a lot of paintballs. But parties can really shoot through a lot of paint in a hurry if you have 10, 15, or even 20 people all shooting away at the same time. The paintballs are non toxic, biodegradable, and won’t stain clothing.

The most common and average sized party is 10 people, they will typically take 2-3 hours total, and shoot 2-3 boxes of paintballs.

Party example:

10 people = $250

2 cases (4,000) paintballs= $100

Party total = $350 + tax


Gelstike guns, ammo, and safety gear are available to add on for young children. $25 per person. 

Does it hurt? 

Depending on how close you are when you are shot with a paintball it can hurt a little. But sometimes you don't even feel it hit you! Its such a great time, and your adrenaline and blood will be pumping, you wont even mind getting shot! We have hundreds of men, women, and children out each year that love to play!

What should I wear?

We do have coveralls the players can wear to keep their clothes a little cleaner. We suggest wearing long sleeves, jeans, or work pants, as well as shoes, or boots, NO SANDALS! Its also nice to have a hat or beanie, as a lot of the paintball masks leave the very top of your head exposed, its nice to have coverage. Also some sort of gloves are good to have as well. We suggest bringing clothes you wont mind getting dirty, and try not to overdress, paintball is an active sport, and overheating is possible.

Spectators, food, drink, birthday cakes? 

We have plenty of room with picnic tables, chairs, and tables, for people to hangout and be part of the action and experience without playing paintball. You can certainly come and hangout and don't have to be playing paintball. We do not sell any sort of food or drink, and encourage parties to bring whatever you might want to eat or drink, coolers, birthday cake, pizza, anything you want. 

How old do we have to be? 

Players have to be at least 10 years old, and anyone under the age of 18 must have a waiver filled out by a parent or guardian.

How safe is paintball?

According to statistics paintball has the lowest injury rate per participant of any athletic sport. There are more injuries from basketball, baseball, table tennis, or even golf, than paintball nation wide per year. We have been open for 20 years and happily have never had any type of serious injury. With that being said there is an inherent risk while playing paintball. If you are uncomfortable we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the actual facts of paintball, and please ask us questions. If not done and played properly and safely it is possible to go blind, loose an eye, or go deaf, if you are shot without a mask on. We have VERY STRICT SAFETY RULES and guidelines that when followed properly no one will be hurt or injured. All players must go through safety and rules briefing before playing paintball, or even touching a paintball gun with a Primetime paintball employee. Safety is our number 1 concern, fun will follow! 

We do a ton of parties BY APPOINTMENT ONLY in the warmer months, they are a lot of fun! Please hit us up to get your party scheduled: 307-685-3752 (shop) or 307-680-2780 (cell)

Thanks a lot! 

Our History

James Greer has owned and run Primetime Paintball and Skateboards since 2000. He has taken his hobbies and turned them into a creative retail business that provides gear to enjoy the outdoors. Primetime has seen steady growth throughout over the last 20 years, adding more and more products for sale such as snowboarding gear to the already successful paintball and skateboard products. James is known in the community for his high level of friendly customer service. In 2020 James was awarded the community acknowledgment of being recognized by The News-Record as one of the "10 people who made a difference."